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ON the 6th of June ,2008 a number of events were organized at Aram Khachaturian museum on the occasions of the 105th anniversary of birth of the composer and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the museum. The most significant among them was the opening ceremony of the new permanent exposition of the museum. In the recently renovated specious light exposition halls Aram Khachaturian is presented as a great composer, outstanding conductor, skilled teacher, well-known public figure. Materials from the museum collection-photos, documents, letters, manuscripts and different editions of compositions, programs, booklets, posters of the author`s concerts and ballet performances, anniversary addresses , diplomas, awards and medals are presented according to the chronology of the composer`s life and the evolution of his creation. Exhibits help to inform yourself about Aram Khachaturian`s childhood, youth, his family, the environment where the musical outlook of the future composer, love and aspiration to music were formed. They represent the years of study in Moscow, the first serious steps to the world of music ,the symphonic and instrumental works written at the top of his creative way, testify to the huge popularity of his music all over the world, the scenic destiny of his creations. The prominent performers of Aram Khachaturian`s works, the people of art and science, well known public figures from composer`s environment are introduced . You can also see A. Khachaturian among the representatives of Armenian Diaspora. Among the exhibits you can see a unique antiquarian grand piano with a “painting of French impressionist Bonis on the cover, sent as a gift by Armen Metsaturian from Argentina. A. Khachaturian played on this piano during his visit to South America. There is also an ancient piano with A. Khachaturian`s autograph on it – Tigran Mostidgian`s gift from Brazil. Other two pianos which belonged to outstanding violinist Anahit Tzitzikian and Erjanik Karakhanaian are also displayed. A. Khachaturian had played on them during his stay in Yerevan. Designer Haykaz Kochar has used modern means of displaying the materials in an attractive manner. The excursions in the museum are synchronized with background music and video presentation. In the memorial house the household conditions of the composer`s last years of life have remained the same. Exhibited furniture, personal belongings, subjects of everyday use, clothes are all brought from the composer`s flat in Moscow. In the study you can see A. Khachaturian`s writing desk, armchair and the grand piano. As if they are waiting for the return of the composer.

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