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Since the date of establishment the staff of the museum has been collecting valuable materials concerning A. Khachaturian`s life and creative work. The rumor about the creation of the museum of the world famous composer found big response among the admirers of his art and the materials began to amass. In result today the museum collection numbers 18000 pieces. About 13000 of them are in the essential collection. Materials have arrived and continue to arrive from friends, colleagues, pupils, the Armenian and foreign admirers of the composer, the Armenian Diaspora in different countries. They are : books, letters, musical editions, photos, sculptural works, programs, caricatures, records, video recordings, sketches of decorations of ballet performances, booklets, programs, posters of concerts, films, memoirs of those who had seen and heard Aram Khachaturian. Great assistance in assembly of the museum collection rendered the composer`s son-Karen Khachaturian having transferred the museum a part of personal archive of his father, the bedroom furniture, clothes, the writing desk, his grand piano, personal belongings, conductor`s tail-coat, baton. He has transferred some materials concerning Aram Khachaturian`s wife -composer Nina Makarova, which are also exhibited. The collection includes also some valuable manuscripts of A. Khachaturian`s creations: the piano scores of the First Symphony, Concerto for violin and orchestra – with David Oistrakh`s remarks on the sheets, the suite from the Incidental music to M. Lermontov`s play “Masquerade” and others.In 1974 the well-known musicologist G. Shneerson recorded on the tape his conversation with A. Khachaturian. The record of that 20 hour`s conversation presenting biographical details from the composer`s life,is also included in the collection. On the materials of the museum collection a number of films have been shot , books have been published , scientific works have been written.

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