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The specialized library of the museum encompasses a large inventory of publications about A.Khachaturian.
The authors of these books,M.Haroutunian,G.Tigranov,I. Tigranova,D. Aroutunov,R. Kharajanian,G. Chebotarian, G. Khubov, G. Shneerson, V.Youzefovich, B. Asafiev and others, present A. Khachaturian`s life and creative work, tell about the popularity of his music all over the world.
In the library the reference books of Person and Sv. Sargisian and also A. Khachaturian`s letters in three volumes are involved.
In the library A. Kchachaturian`s most of works in sheet music are collected.
The books and Khachaturian` s works are available upon request to Armenian and foreign interested in them people and for scientific research in the reading room.
The list of A. Khachaturian`s works involved in the library:
Simphony No 1 Score
Simphony No 2 Score
Simphony No 3 /Simphony- Poem/
Score Ode in Memory of V.I.Lenin
Score Dance Suite
Score Russian Fantasia
Score Solemn Poem
Score Salutatory Overture
Score Suite from incidental
Music to Lope de Vega’s
Comedy The Valencian Widow
Score Suite from incidental
Music to M.Lermontov’s Play Masquerade
Score The Battle of Stalingrad,
Suite Score Othello
Score The National anthem of the Armenian SSR
Score Ode of Joy Ballad about the Motherland
Three concert Arais Gayaneh
Score Gayaneh Piano score
Spartacus Score Spartacus
Piano score
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Score Concerto-Rhaosody for Piano and Orchestra
Score Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Two-piano score Concerto-Rhaosody for Piano and Orchestra
Two-piano score Three Pieces for Two Pianos
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Score Concerto-Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra
Score Concerto for Violin and Piano
Concerto-Rhapsody for Violin and Piano
Dance for Violin and piano
Song-Poem for Violin and piano
Sonata – Monologue for Solo Violin
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
Score Concert-Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestr
Score Fantasia for Solo Cello Sonata
Sonatina Poem Toccata Recitatives and Fugues for piano
Vals-Caprice and Dance for piano
Children’s Albums Nos 1 and 2 for piano
String Quartet Trio for Ciarnet, Violin and Piano,
Sonata-Song for Viola
Pantomime for Oboe and Piano Marches,Dances,Triumphal Fanfares.
Vocal Music from incidental Scores to Films and Plays

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