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Aram Khachaturian museum realizes various interesting activities, which are always held in warm and enthusiastic atmosphere . Some of this activities have already become traditional . They are: Every year on June 6, on A.Khachaturian `s birthday after the visit to his grave the competition of young composers takes place in the museum. Music festivals, jubilee ceremonies, scientific conferences concerts, presentations of contemporary composers` new works, introduction of the most eminent young contemporary musical entrants. “Masterpieces of world classical music at Aram Khachaturian museum.”- DVD demonstrations on the big screen. The initiator is Aram Khachaturian Trio.“Music salon – surprise”. Young musicians play with the members of Aram Khachaturian Trio. Temporary exhibitions on different themes. The museum is realizing a new cultural-educational program with the schools.The aim is to relate the schoolchildren to the museum, to familiarize them with A.Khachaturian`s works and with classical music in general. “Sounds and colors “ the children paint under A. Khachaturian’s music in the exposition halls. Afterwards their paintings are demonstrated in the museum. ”Visits to school”. The representatives of the museum visit the schools, give lectures there on A. Khachaturian`s life and work. Afterwards the schoolchildren visit the museum.

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